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Most client journeys begin with replacing a mission critical spreadsheet model

There is nothing inherently wrong with spreadsheets, it’s just how we use them that causes the pain. Running a business on the back of complex spreadsheets may work in the short term, but we all know that at some point in the future we will leave ourselves exposed. Errors creep in, reconciliations become time consuming and it will end in tears.

The good news is that there are a growing number of solutions on the market that can overcome the shortcomings of the spreadsheet and deliver robust, trusted and accurate data for reporting and decision making. So where do you start? We would recommend starting at the top – by understanding the companies strategic objectives. This will not only set the terms of reference it will also define the priorities for delivering performance management solutions.

The overall objective is to connect departmental, functional and business unit plans in order to allocate the right mix of resources to achieve the companies strategic goals. By combining actual performance data with planning data, the solutions provide constant performance tracking to allow decisions to be made based on a single version of the truth.

At ICit we have worked with hundreds of clients to deliver thousands of applications using Anaplan, Certent, IBM, and Oracle software.

IBM, TM1 Solutions

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) is a multi-dimensional modelling tool used by businesses all over the world to build applications to help them understand and plan their businesses in real-time. Available on premises or on cloud, Planning Analytics can be used as a departmental or a full enterprise solution.

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Anaplan Planning Tool

Anaplan’s cloud planning platform enables an organisation to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people and plans in every part of the business. Connected planning can be achieved at any scale – from a single use case within one business unit to enterprise-wide connected planning across hundreds of processes.

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Certent Disclosure Management, Narrative Reporting

Certent provides the industry’s only all-in-one disclosure management solution, combining external and internal report creation with a built-in proprietary disclosure research engine.

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