Adaptive Insights for Workforce Planning

Relying on spreadsheets and outdated planning platforms can leave you unable to adapt to the dynamic nature of your business. Plus, you’ll have a workforce plan that’s out of sync with finance and corporate plans. Using Adaptive Insights for Workforce Planning you can model your optimal workforce, plan for any scenario, standardise plans across business units, and collaborate to develop workforce plans that integrate with your corporate plan.

• Model skills by location, ramp time, cost of workforce, and more to meet current and long-term business goals
• Track your plans against actuals so you don’t over-hire or end up short-staffed
• Analyse gaps in achieving your plan. Add planned hires, push out hire dates, change ramping assumptions, plan for attrition, and see capacity impacts in real time
• Quickly model and analyse the impacts of important events such as a merger and acquisition, divesture, or relocation

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