Event Information

October 20, 2017
9.00 am - 9.45 am

Integrated financial planning in retail 

With the growth of e-commerce and rapid shifts in consumer behaviour, retailers that can meet consumer demand via multiple channels (such as the right product mix and shopper centricity) have reaped large benefits. Anaplan is changing the way retailers plan by reinventing end-to-end retail planning and bridging the gaps between merchandising, sales, marketing, finance, workforce, and supply chain departments. The Anaplan platform delivers a single real-time, cloud-based environment that can help retailers accurately plan and optimize, quickly respond to change as a department or organization, and seamlessly align across the entire business to meet overall retail planning objectives. AGENDA

  • Introducing ICit, experts in business planning solutions
  • Overview of Anaplan retail solutions
  • A live demo including the following key planning activities; store operations, merchandise planning, marketing, finance and supply chain
  • Q&A

Why Attend? If you are running your retail business in silos, experiencing disjointed planning that leads ultimately to stock-outs and lower customer satisfaction, join us for a brief insight into how integrated business planning can really make a difference to your business.

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