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December 5, 2017
9.00 am - 9.45 am

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In 2017, mitigating the dual risk of project margin erosion and non-compliant revenue recognition from contracts with customers is regarded as the highest priority of the management board of most project-driven organisations. Preventing margin erosion, whilst delivering for customers, in line with commitment, is proving elusive for many management boards, especially for multi-year complex projects, irrespective of contractual mechanisms, for a variety of issues. Project Performance Management & Reporting Solution

  • A demonstration of the extensive financial and operational planning and analysis capabilities of IBM Analytics tools to provide a single trusted data source to manage, report and control projects
  • Use the power of the solution to match Supply and Demand – for example, the automatic allocation of manpower to specific projects based on most suitable and skilled workers

Why Join Us? Learn how to protect gross margin through effective project control and achieve IFRS15 compliance, based on a “single source of truth” See how an Integrated Business Planning Solution for Project Driven Organisations is built with IBM’s planning analytics technology. Hear how some of the UK’s most successful project based companies are transforming planning and project performance management Understand how your organisation can mirror best practices and get a fast start with our live demonstration of the integrated planning solution for projects

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