Solution Brief: Legal Sector Planning & Reporting

Published On: 22nd Feb. 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, your firm will benefit from a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) capability that not only meets stakeholders’ requirements, but also sets you ahead of your competition.

Workday Adaptive Planning offers a robust, cloud-based platform designed to simplify and elevate your financial function.  We’ve helped many law firms tackle a wide range of challenges including matter coding; fee arrangements and pricing models; multi-dimensional reporting; and revenue forecasting.


Now’s the time to start enhancing your FP&A capabilities

We have helped many businesses around the UK implement a range of Financial Planning & Accounting features, that are offered by Workday Adaptive Planning for the Legal Sector.

Our team of specialist Workday Consultants can discuss your exact business needs, advise you on how to implement Workday Adaptive Planning within your finance practices and also offer training to those staff who will be using the software day-to-day.

Find how you can elevate your firm’s FP&A with Workday Adaptive Planning.  Arrange a Call

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