Solve ESG Planning & Reporting Challenges with Workday Adaptive Planning

Across the globe, the urgency for us all to address sustainability challenges is accelerating

Welcome to your solution for overcoming the complexities of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) scenario planning and reporting. We recognise the challenges businesses face in collating and analysing disparate data, reporting progress towards net zero and embedding sustainability targets into business planning.

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Transform your ESG planning

ESG data requires the same level of rigour and transparency as financial data. Yet, maintaining transparency in ESG activities and transforming raw data into actionable insights isn’t straightforward. Scattered data sources, differing conversion factors, and ever-evolving net-zero targets can make the process overwhelming. That’s where Workday Adaptive Planning comes in.

ESG Planning and Reporting Solution

Workday Adaptive Planning empowers your organisation to keep pace with the rapidly evolving ESG landscape. Our innovative solution enables companies to consolidate disparate data sources, convert them into comprehensive, digestible information, and map your sustainability journey efficiently.

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Data Management

Unified Data Management

Tired of dealing with fragmented ESG data? Our solution collates disparate data from across your organisation, creating a single source of truth for all ESG metrics. By integrating various data sources into one robust, dynamic model, Workday Adaptive Planning paves the way for consistent, reliable planning and reporting.


Efficient Carbon Accounting

Our ESG solution enables real-time conversion of your energy consumption data into CO2 equivalents. With automated conversion factors, it simplifies the intricate process of carbon accounting, providing accurate, easily understandable metrics to guide your sustainability strategies.


Managing your path to Net-Zero

Workday Adaptive Planning enhances the management of your strategic net zero initiatives by providing a platform for collaborative planning and investment decisions. The tool allows for real-time reporting, adjustments to sourcing plans, balancing financial constraints with sustainability targets for optimal business decisions.


Agile Sustainability Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning’s robust scenario modeling capabilities allow you to navigate the complexities of ESG planning. Evaluate potential risks, explore opportunities, and model the impacts of different strategic decisions, all while maintaining a strong alignment with your sustainability goals.

ESG Solution Highlights


  • Capture Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions
  • Forecast Net Zero Benefits
  • Model Supplier Sustainability Plans


  • Measure Workforce Diversity
  • Manage Equality Targets
  • Social Responsibility


  • Centralise Risk Initiatives
  • Ethics and Compliance Reporting
  • C-Suite ESG Dashboard

Solution Brief: ESG with Workday Adaptive Planning

With Workday Adaptive Planning you can bring together financial and ESG data into an integrated planning approach. Best practice ESG management means embedding it into your monthly reporting cycle and creating actionable insight, not just collating disparate data for a once-a-year tick box exercise to meet regulatory targets.

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Creating a sustainable future

“Workday is committed to doing our part to create a more sustainable future. Our approach spans Workday’s operations and how we can help our customers meet their sustainability goals. As part of our climate strategy, we’ve continued to match 100% of the electricity used at our global offices and data centers with clean, renewable sources, and we provide our entire customer community with a carbon-neutral cloud.”

Aneel Bhusri & Carl Eschenbach, Co-CEOs Workday

In person events and live webinars

We hold a range of in person events and live webinars, where we share our planning insights and expertise in ESG and demonstrate our partners’ solutions.

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Ready to meet the Challenges?

Embrace the challenges of ESG scenario planning and reporting with Workday Adaptive Planning. Let our solution be the catalyst to transform your sustainability approach and navigate your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Let’s rewrite the future, together. Choose Workday Adaptive Planning for your ESG planning and reporting needs.


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