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The age-old issue of margin pressure is being magnified by changing business models, accelerating digitisation, shifting consumer behaviour, lack of operational data and insights, a fiercely competitive landscape and the need to operate with agility.

With Workday Adaptive Planning you can combine financial, workforce and operational plans, create unlimited scenarios and identify anomalies and outliers to make informed decisions quickly and retain competitive edge.

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Helping you address the key FP&A challenges in Retail

Managing Disruption

Changing customer behaviour and intensifying competition from discounters and large-scale operators such as Amazon. One example is using Workday Adaptive Planning to assess the impact of sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly practices to attract a dedicated segment of customers.

Battle for Talent

With record low unemployment, it’s increasingly difficult to find and retain qualified, loyal and skilled employees. Workday Adaptive Planning is used by many retailers to track employee performance and plan staffing needs during peak and off-peak seasons.

Margin Pressures

Rather than passing cost increases on to customers, retailers must continuously explore ways to improve efficiencies across the value chain, such as optimising stock levels and reducing holding costs, or offering loyalty programs to encourage repeat purchases. Workday Adaptive Planning can help you analyse different scenarios to identify the optimal logistical, pricing or promotional solutions.

Delivering insight through a single source of the truth

Pervasive use of spreadsheets, multiple transactional systems, EPOS, and more, creates a complex data model which is inflexible and struggles to provide sufficient insight for decision making. Workday Adaptive Planning can consolidate this data into a single platform, ensuring retailers have consistent and up-to-date information available for effective decision-making.

Why Workday Adaptive Planning is the Best Choice for FP&A teams in Retail

  • Ease of use and flexibility – Workday Adaptive Planning offers a cloud-based, intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier for non-technical users to navigate and understand. This ensures that employees across different departments can leverage its capabilities without extensive training.
  • Integrated financial and workforce planning – Retailers can run multiple what-if scenarios to determine the impact of different strategies on their finances and workforce. This is especially valuable in the retail sector where market dynamics can change rapidly.
  • Real-time collaboration and reporting – Retailers can gain real-time insights into their performance metrics through interactive dashboards. These dashboards can be customised to present data that’s most pertinent to retail operations, such as sales figures, inventory levels, and customer footfall.
  • Scalability and integration – Being cloud-based, Workday Adaptive Planning allows retailers to scale their operations without concerns about infrastructure limitations. As the business grows, the tool can easily accommodate increased data and user loads.
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Workday Adaptive Planning offers Specsavers visibility into all of our key performance metrics all through a single pane of glass. We can rest assured that this information is both accurate and up-to-date, which is vital when we’re planning and making predictions.

Matt Buckley, Group Planning and Reporting Lead for Finance, Specsavers

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