Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales

Published On: 12th Jan. 2020

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Why do Sales teams choose Workday Adaptive Planning?

Amongst the various software solutions available on the market today, what is it that sets Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales apart?  Ultimately, we recommend Workday Adaptive Planning for sales teams because of its ability to improve sales productivity and predictability with real-time scenario planning.

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How can Workday Adaptive Planning support your Sales team?

If you are looking to quickly and easily optimise sales resources, improve predictability and create capacity plans to meet topline bookings targets, then Workday Adaptive Planning is an ideal solution.

In today’s fast-moving world, sales teams need to respond instantly to changes in the market. Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales also has the ability to deploy the right quotas, set up balanced territories and offer a single source of truth by linking sales and financial plans.  These are all key tools in the hands of a sales team.

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What are the main benefits of Workday Adaptive Planning for a Sales team?

Automatic integration with corporate plans gives insight into functional interdependencies and the ability to forecast with greater accuracy so you and your whole business can make smarter decisions faster.  Some of the key benefits offered to a sales team by Workday Adaptive Planning include:

  • Sales can run real-time ‘what if’ scenarios and gap analysis around ramping, staffing and attainment in order to help you efficiently deploy quota
  • Sales can construct balanced territories to optimally deploy the sales force
  • Finance can link the sales and core financial models in a single, integrated environment to run holistic scenarios
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How can ICit help us implement Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales?

ICit are one of a select number of  Workday Certified Partners, attaining Workday Adaptive Planning – Platinum Solution Provider.  This means we have achieved the highest level of expertise and achievement through training, certification, and we are valued for our track record of delivering world-class customer success.

Our team of experienced Workday Consultants  are readily available to offer training to your sales team to make sure they can get the most out of all the features offered by Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales.

E-training courses are included in the Workday Adaptive Planning subscription.  We can provide a training session that is tailored to the exact needs of your business and make sure your team are equipped to use Workday Adaptive Planning on a regular basis.

For a more detailed overview of Workday Adaptive Planning, please visit our main Workday Adaptive Planning page.

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