Workday Adaptive Planning for the Workforce

Published On: 26th Jan. 2020

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Why should we choose Workday Adaptive Planning for our Workforce Planning?

When it comes to resourcing your workforce planning team with the tools they need, there are a variety of workforce planning software solutions available, so what is it that makes Workday Adaptive Planning an ideal choice?

Overall, we recommend Adaptive Planning for workforce planning teams because of its ability to allow you to model your optimal workforce, plan for any scenario, standardise plans across business units, and collaborate to develop workforce plans that integrate with your corporate plan.

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How can Workday Adaptive Planning help with Workforce Planning?

Relying on spreadsheets can leave you unable to adapt to the dynamic nature of your business. Thankfully, the strengths of Workday Adaptive Planning for workforce planning allow you to offer your workforce a tool that is dynamic as any staff management situation you could face.

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What are the benefits of Workday Adaptive Planning for Workforce Planning?

We are confident in recommending Workday Adaptive Planning to workforce planning teams for a variety of reasons. Some of the key benefits offered to a workforce planning team by Workday Adaptive Planning include:

  • Integrate real-time data from your HCM and ERP systems
  • Plan, optimise, and adjust your current and future workforce
  • Create your own global or local business drivers and change them with a single click
  • Maintain a single standard workforce model across your entire enterprise, even for entities with different business and revenue models
  • Easily share plans with business leaders and people managers—while limiting access to sensitive data
  • Allow anyone to add input in Excel so plans include crucial bottom-up input
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How can ICit help us implement Workday Adaptive Planning for the Workforce?

ICit are one of a select number of  Workday Certified Partners, attaining Workday Adaptive Planning Platinum Solution Provider, meaning that we have achieved the highest level of expertise and achievement through training, certification, and valued for our track record of delivering world-class customer success.

We have an experienced team of Workday Consultants who are able to deliver training to your workforce planning team to enable them to understand how that can get the most out of Workday Adaptive Planning for the Workforce.

E-training courses are included in the Workday Adaptive Planning subscription. We make sure that all of our training sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of your staff and the ways in which they will need to use Workday Adaptive Planning to do their job more effectively.

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For a more detailed overview of the Workday Adaptive Planning product capabilities,  please visit our main  Workday Adaptive Planning page.

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