Accelerate Planning Budgeting and Forecasting Webinar, recorded July 2023

Published On: 28th Jul. 2023

Webinar recorded: 27 July 2023

Budgeting and Forecasting is an essential component of business success. Is your process agile enough to quickly adapt to change? ​

​If you continue to struggle with spreadsheet-based solutions, watch this webinar to discover how thousands of companies worldwide are working smarter not harder – by reducing the time spent on the planning process and more time on analysis and providing decision support.​

​We demonstrate how our customers :-​

  • ​Have taken weeks out of their planning cycles (30%-50% reduction)​
  • Devolved the planning process using a central cloud-based solution​
  • Have instant access to actual, budget and forecasts, reconciled and trusted data​

​In this webinar, you’ll discover :-

  • Why planning agility delivers competitive advantage
  • Workday Adaptive Planning agility in action
  • How are customers are thriving with Workday Adaptive Planning

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