By Mark Bodger, Director at ICit Business Intelligence

ICit announced it was named a winner of the FY23 Solution Provider of the Year Award – EMEA by Workday.  The awards were announced during the Workday Sales Kick-off on February 28, 2023.

The FY23 Solution Provider of the Year Award recognises the Workday Adaptive Planning Solution Provider that drove the highest amount of Annual Contract Value (ACV) for net-new logos and add-ons with Workday Adaptive Planning to the most customers across EMEA for the fiscal year. Workday Adaptive Planning enables continuous enterprise planning for finance, the workforce, sales, and operations.

ICit offers Workday Adaptive Planning customers the benefit of the ICit team’s extensive experience and knowledge in financial planning and analytics, coupled with its first-class implementation services.  ICit’s mission is to ensure customers use Workday Adaptive Planning to help them make informed decisions and drive better business performance.

ICit is part of the Workday Adaptive Planning Solution Providers Program that delivers deployment services to a customer base of more than 6000 customers.

FY23 EMEA Award badge