The call for sustainable practices in business is no longer a buzzword: it’s an imperative. As we witness an acceleration in sustainability challenges globally, the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals into business planning and forecasting processes is now a critical indicator for businesses of all sizes. Staying competitive is synonymous with proactively incorporating these sustainability targets into strategic plans.

Yet, there remains a gap. A significant number of companies continue to depend on outdated methods for their ESG data management – a ticking time bomb of time-consuming, error-prone processes that simply cannot sustain the ever-growing demands of modern businesses.

How Workday meets the Planning and Reporting challenge

Enter Workday Adaptive Planning: a centralised cloud solution for your sustainability planning data. Designed to track and analyse emissions KPIs, the platform provides real-time data access and not just once-a-year reports. Imagine a dashboard showing Scope 1 data by asset and fuel type. Stakeholders can filter, analyse, and compare scenarios in real-time, giving them the flexibility and control to drill down into charts for more detailed information.

Moreover, the solution offers a fully connected system that automatically recalculates all connected values every time you load new emissions data or make changes to the plan. No more manual processes and no need to remember to refresh endless spreadsheets.

But the platform’s capabilities go beyond emissions tracking. It can integrate with multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, to consolidate all your KPIs into one location. This integration feature allows for the analysis, planning, and reporting across all measures on a single platform.

Managing Strategic Sustainability Initiatives

Workday Adaptive Planning can also help you manage strategic net zero initiatives. With a secure central platform, stakeholders can collaborate from wherever they are to update the plan. Multiple project dimensions can be analysed, including strategic pillar categories, Greenhouse Gas Protocol scope categories, and difficulty ratings. And with every change, the CO2 savings and the financial impact automatically update, providing a fully connected business-wide plan.

In addition, the platform features financial intelligence, meaning it can phase back across underlying months by selecting the required option. The simplicity of the tool allows businesses to make informed decisions that balance financial constraints against net zero target deliverables to optimise results.

Cost Benefit Decision Making

The integration of Workday Adaptive Planning into your planning cycle can also help in sourcing materials from various suppliers. With the platform’s capabilities, you can compare not just the cost, but also the CO2 footprint of suppliers, assisting in forecasting and making fully informed decisions.

Finally, once the plan is ready, Workday Adaptive Planning’s Office Connect feature allows you to create high-quality, formatted reports, automatically updated with a single click across your entire reporting suite.

In summary, Workday Adaptive Planning is transforming the way businesses approach sustainability planning. For business planning professionals, the platform brings unparalleled advantages in tracking, analysing, managing, and reporting sustainability targets, bringing businesses closer to their goals of remaining competitive, responsible, and future-ready.

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