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How CFOs are using data to take the strategic lead in business

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is changing. After their experiences over the past two years, organisations are increasingly prioritising: insight, agility, and planning. And they’re turning to their finance chiefs and accountants to deliver.

From spreadsheet-centric to platform-first: Why it’s time for finance to modernise its approach

Mark Bodger, Director at ICit, discusses the limitations of spreadsheets as financial departments are called upon to provide greater access to ‘on-demand’ data and play a much more strategic role in driving critical business decisions.

Finance is the key to driving business agility

Agility is an often used but little understood concept in the business world. It’s neither easy to achieve nor evenly distributed across a typical organisation. However, one thing is clear: agility is an essential component of success for today’s post-pandemic organisations.

How to free the finance team of spreadsheets in just 30 days

Digital transformation helped so many UK organisations survive the unprecedented shock of COVID-19. However, in many businesses, transformation only happens in pockets, which often means finance being left behind. That’s a shame, because the function has plenty of challenges to overcome. It could do with a digital hand.

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